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User Permissions

Create a user

Only administrator of Global team can create users. All users belongs to the Global team, a user can belong to multiple teams

  1. On the left menu panel, click on Settings -> User, enter the User configuration page
  2. Click on the Add user button
  3. Enter the username test, password and email(the email can be left blank), set the Global Role. There are 3 role for a user:
    • Viewer: Can view all dashboards, cannot edit and save dashboard settings
    • Editor: Can view and edit and save dashboard settings
    • Admin: Can view and edit and save dashboard settings, can manage the Global team
  4. Choose view for test user
  5. Click on Submit, you can see that test user is listed in the user list

Login as test

Logout the current admin user and login in again as test.

  1. On the left menu panel, click on User -> Logout
  2. Enter test and the password
  3. Click on Login

Check and edit dashboards

Let's view and edit the test dashboard created before as test user. It belongs to the test team, global team can only view it, so it means: The current test user can view the dashboard but cannot save or edit it.

Let's verify on that.

  1. Open the search page, then enter the dashboard page
  2. The dashboard is shown so we have the view permission
  3. Click on the dashboard settings button, you can see that all the settings tab are gone except for the JSON Model tab
  4. Back to the dashboard page, click on Save

After you click Submit button, a error message will show No Permission. By now we have verified that the test user does have View permission and not Editor permission.

Next we will add edit permission for test user.

Add a user to a team

  1. Logout and login again as admin
  2. Click on Settigns -> Team , enter the team configuration page
  3. Click on test to enter the team details page
  4. Click on Add member, the Add menber dialog is shown
  5. Click on the menber selection list, select test user
  6. Select Editor on Member role
  7. Click on Submit

Now the test user is listed in the test team. Repeat the Check and edit dashboads steps, you can see that the test user can view and edit the test dashboard.