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Team is a core concept in datav. We can manage users, permissions, visibility and side menus by managing team properties.

Create a team

Notice: Only managers in Global Team can create teams

  1. On the left menu panel, click on Settings -> Team to enter the team configuration page. You can see that a Global team is created by default. All users will be assigned to global team automatically. The administrator of the global team is the system administrator with the highest permissions.
  2. Click on Add Team, enter the name test
  3. Click on Submit

Now you can see the test team in the team list. Click on the View button to check the details.

Set ownership of dashboards

The dashboard we created before belongs to the global team, we will move it to the test team.

  1. Open the search panel, enter the test dashboard(If you have followd the tutorial step by step, it's on the test folder)
  2. Open the dashboard settings page. You can enter d s(enter d and then s), or click on the settings button in the top
  3. Click on the Permission tab, you can see that the dashboard belongs to global team
  4. Set Owned by team to test. There is no need to update the Teams Can View setting by now, there is no need to add test here because owner will have the permission by default
  5. Click on the Update button and the Confirm

Next, we will add a user which have no permission to view or edit dashboards.