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Often times, we will need some way to organize the dashboards. Datav uses folders to organize and group dashboards.

Only managers in Global Team can create and manage folders

Create a folder

  1. On the left menu panel, click + -> Folder, enter the folder management page
  2. Click on the Add Folder button
  3. Enter the name of the folder 'test'. Names should be unique.
  4. Click on Submit

After successfully creating a folder, the folder management page will be shown.

Manage a folder

You reach the dashboard folder page click on the settings icon that appears when you hover over a folder in the folder list.

You can see the dashboards belongs to this particular folder, and change the settings of the folder, like modify its' name.

Move dashboards into folders

Remember that we created a dashboard that belongs to the General folder which is the datav's defaults. Let's move it to the test folder we just created.

  1. Open the search panel, find the test dashboard(under General folder), click on it and enter the dashboard page
  2. Use command+s or click on the save button, the save dialog is shown
  3. Choose the test folder we just created under Folder selection
  4. Click on Submit

Now the test dashboard is moved to the test folder, open the search page to check.