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Add dashboard

After Add Data Source, we can create our first dashboard. Follow the tutorial based on the type data source you created in the previous add data source step(prometheus or Static Data).

Notice: only team manager can create dashboard, and can set flexible access controll

  1. On the left menu panel click + -> Dashboard
  2. The dashboard should be displayed. On the top is the navigation bar, it includes some common settings of the dashboard. Hover your mouse on them to get a detailed description of each option.

Add panel

Click +Add new panel, now you are on the Edit Panel page. On the right settings panel, find Visualization column, set the panel type as desired.

Prometheus data source

  1. Select Visualization -> Graph
  2. Select the prometheus data source just created on the Query tab
  3. Choose a prometheus metric on the panel below, A -> Metrics -> scrape -> scrape_duration_seconds

We have now created a test graph using prometheus, visit prometheus data source to get more details.

Static Data data source

We need to input some data because the Static Data data source is used mainly for testing purpose and does not contain any data by default.

  1. Select Visualization -> Table
  2. Select the Static Data data source you just created
  3. Give the table a name A -> Name
  4. Create table structure, define the columns. A -> Schema -> +Add a field. Enter the column name, we create 2 rows here, test1 and test2
  5. Add data to the table, A -> Values -> +Add a row, enter 1 and 2

You should see the table data by now.

Save Dashboard

  1. Enter ESC or click on the back arrow on the top-left, go back to the dashboard page
  2. Click on the save button or enter Command + S, the save dialog is shown
  3. Enter the name of the dashboard
  4. Choose a folder for the dashboard. The default folder is General, all uncategorized dashboards are stored here.
  5. Click on Submit

We have finished create our first dashboard. But how can we access it if we are on some other pages?